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Cordless Drill Driver

A cordless drill driver is one of the few must-have tools for anyone working on construction projects. It's the easy way to drill holes and drive screws. No cords, no fuss. A good cordless drill makes repetitive work faster and easier.

My contractor has a Panasonic cordless drill that he's very happy with. Lowes doesn't carry that brand, and I unfortunately let the salesman talk me into buying a Black & Decker "Firestorm" cordless drill instead. Big mistake. The Firestorm is an $80 tool that can't drill holes or drive screws. In other words it's a piece of junk.

I returned the Black & Decker and bought a Bosch cordless drill/driver instead. It cost about $150 but it's a much better tool. I got the 14.4V Compact Tough 3/8" Cordless. It's relatively small and light, but has plenty of torque to get the job done. It comes with 2 batteries that hold a charge for a good long time and a 30-minute charger. Nice.

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