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Cordless Nail Gun

The Paslode cordless framing nailer is a tool to have around your job site. It's mobile, compact, powerful and has minimal setup time. There are no hoses or compressors to mess with. We've found the nail gun to be particularly useful for getting into tight spaces and when we need to work with one hand.

The Paslode Cordless Framing Nailer is a professional grade tool that has proven to be able to withstand the hard knocks of our construction site. We've dropped it a couple times and it keeps on working. A propane fuel cell lasts a long long time. A fully charged battery is supposed to last 4,000 shots but we're getting a lot less than that. Not a big problem - we have two batteries and charge one while using the other.

The reasonable size of this nail gun lets it get inbetween 16" on center joists and studs (barely). That's an important feature. It's great for toe-nailing in tight spots too.

The nailer is easy to use. Just insert the battery, load a strip of nails, depress the tool head against the wood, and pull the trigger. Wear eye and ear protection. It can shoot a couple of nails a second.

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