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My Own Little Home

I designed and built my own little house. Actually I hired a professional carpenter to lead the construction and I provided assistance and learned a lot. The two of us did everything except plumbing, electrical, insulation and drywall.

My house has 584 square feet of interior space, plus 120 square feet of porches. The two-story house has just four rooms - living room, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom. Here's the floorplan for the first floor, and for the second floor.

There are many more photos of the construction of my house for viewing. Construction took about 9 months because we were slow and figured out the details of the design as we went along.

I designed a two-story house because I'd admired the two-story Charleston Single Houses, and I really wanted a second-floor porch. The house also takes up only a small portion of the lot, so there's room for expansion and big gardens.

A one-room-wide home like mine is great for cross-ventilation in the summer. Many of the old Victorian homes in town (built around the turn of the century) are one room wide.

The 8x8 galley kitchen has plenty of counter space and more storage than you'd imagine. A larger kitchen would just add steps without adding function. The same amount of space serves the bathroom upstairs. It even has room for a stacking washer and dryer.

Four large south-facing windows warm the house in the winter. In the summer they could be shaded by bahama shutters. Two east-facing sliding glass doors let in more early sun in the cold months, and are shaded by the porch roofs in the hot months. They are also oriented to the prevailing breeze.

my little house living room
my little house upstairs bedroom
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