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louvered screen door
louvered screen door

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Louvered Screen Door

I have a louvered screen door on my porch. It has the advantages of providing shade and privacy, while allowing the breeze to flow through. Louvered screen doors aren't easy to find, but I found an affordable source.

My louvered screen door was made by the Paul Argoe company. My local building supply company had their catalog. The door is made of inexpensive pine and the louvered panels simply screw on. We gave it a rich mahogany stain and three coats of polyurethane. It looks a lot more expensive than it was (about $150), and it's holding up well so far.

The louvered screen door faces south and the strong sun exposure means the door requires a light sanding and a new coat of polyurethane annually. The finish on the back of the door (the shady side) never needs maintenance. A nearby house has a louvered screen door on their front door, so maybe we're starting a trend in the neigborhood.

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