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Construction Work Gloves

Work gloves are your best friend on the construction site. The home construction process is full of dangers to your hands -- from abrasive concrete blocks to splinters from lumber. Good work gloves protect your hands from getting torn up, absorb some of the shocks, and also give you a better grip on your materials.

I love my Ironclad work gloves. I have a pair of their general utility gloves and a pair of framer gloves. They're comfortable, lightweight and flexible, but provide a great grip and good protection. Framer gloves leave fingertips free to hold nails.

Ironclad makes many types of specialty work gloves, and their rock handler gloves would've been better while handling concrete blocks. The abrasive blocks are wearing out my general utility gloves (which is better than wearing out my skin) but the rock handler ones are made of tougher stuff.

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